Chiropractic is the primary alternative health care modality. It is a completely drug-free path to healing, relying on the natural healing powers of the body to restore or maintain health. Chiropractic officially started in 1895, when a man named Harvey Lillard in Davenport, Iowa had his hearing restored after an adjustment. In 1897, the first chiropractic school was started.

By releasing locked vertebrae, nerve pressure is reduced, allowing more nerve energy to flow to the muscles, organs, and systems of the body. Many people seek care for pain relief from back pain, neck pain, or headaches. Others come to make sure that their bodies get or stay healthy by relieving nerve pressure. Still, others get their spines adjusted to increase their range of motion or to function at peak performance.

Causes Of Misalignment

Common causes of spinal misalignment: slips, falls, accidents, injuries, stress, posture problems, forward head leaning on computers, phones, devices, inflammatory response to diet or under-hydration, muscle spasms or trigger points, excessive sitting, excess weight, deconditioned muscles or spastic muscles.